How to foot health care function
Winter to soak the foot is always to be a health care thing, coupled with the foot and other functions of the common saying said: "if people are not old, every day to their feet." Plantar brings together the human organ reflection area, foot bath to improve human health has a god Hall effect, foot to knee part and the lower part of the warm stimulation through sweat method of traditional Chinese medicine therapy and the human meridian theory development of foot bath device according to the, the actuating blood cycle by uplink, accelerate metabolism, enhance immunity, make the whole body pores open, disease Zhuoqi excreted with the sweat, after use can quickly eliminate fatigue, improve the mental state, of backache, hypertension, scapulohumeral periarthritis, arthritis and many other diseases have good effects of prevention and cure. Experts pointed out: "when the body temperature reached forty-one degrees can effectively control the growth of cancer cells. The winter warm autumn burning feet - feet - Dantian, moisten the lung intestines, feet -- summer Shushi can be cured, the spring sun fixed off - feet.

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