How to choose a good foot bath
Foot bath device used in life more and more widely, and choose a good foot bath device for a family is very important, so the foot bath dazzling, we should how to choose? Small finishing some foot bath buying advice.
Security must choose antibacterial material, because leisure is easy to breed bacteria. If no inhibitory bacteria breeding, again will cause foot infection, shared by the whole family, but also easy to cross infection.
Two, the massage effect can not only a single massage function, if only such a person is very easy to produce a massage fatigue, more than a few times after washing without feeling, can not reach the effect of massage. At the same time, the intensity of the massage should be distinguished in order to adapt to different people.
Third, convenient use of foot bath, use convenient, in addition to the regulator is transform each function of convenience, the most important is the convenience of the drainage. Because the foot bath device generally have six litres of water around, and feet are generally not drain, drainage is certainly a spatial shift, especially elderly people, convenient drainage is particularly important.
Fourth, low-cost heating function foot many heating function, or only one heating, or the temperature is not up to the foot of the effect. An easy mistake this is the choice of foot bath.
Five, with or without other additional functions of foot bath device in addition to bubble, massage foot outside, if the same price to buy more function is not fully staffed.
Six, the price in the function and the depth of the water level of the situation, the priority to choose the low price of the product.
Choose a good foot bath, can let you in the use of more at ease and confidence, whether it is the quality of the products or the use effect of the product, Ningbo Chi Ying Electric Co., Ltd. is the production of let you rest assured the foot bath products.

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