Some basic functions of the foot bath
Foot care equipment, of foot massage and stimulation, can stimulate the body potential function, adjust the body imbalance of yin and Yang in the state, relieve systemic nervous, achieve the effect of disease prevention and health care, self-care and prolongs the life the effect. Today Xiaobian take you several basic functions under the foot bath:
1, automatic heating - foot massager using thermal energy flow straight, can effectively control, maintain
The human body feels comfortable temperature, after starting the power can be adjusted between 35 ~ 50 degrees Celsius, to reach your set temperature. Automatic constant temperature state, make you enjoy the foot massage to bring you comfort.
2, the impact of the bubble bubble bath massage - foot massage can emit large bubbles impact foot all counter
Shoot and Yongquan, promote blood circulation, to massage health care function.
3, vibration massage - foot massage at the bottom of a vibration motor and hundreds of massage particles, boot
High frequency vibration, can stimulate the foot points, promote blood circulation, improve metabolism, improve sleep quality, eliminate fatigue, improve health, improve disease resistance.
4, the impact of the water massage - foot massager anterior have water spray, the impact of the foot points, to slow
To improve the microcirculation of the foot and promote the health of the body.
5, the ozone removal of beriberi, foot odor, foot Xian - foot massager can produce ozone bubbles, dissolved in water
Oxygen containing water, with their feet, in addition to killing various bacteria on the feet, your feet will naturally born beriberi.
, magnetic health care -- foot massage the bottom is provided with a permanent magnet, the formation of low magnetic field coverage of foot, and the magnetic field penetration of the foot points, produce a variety of effects, promote health effects.
7, automatic drainage function - after use, can automatically save water discharge.
8, built-in Kit - foot massager has a built-in design kit, as long as the cover vertical upward,
In charge, you can enjoy the bath. You can select the foot bath containing the above function according to their own needs.
9, moving the roller - easy to move.

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